Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FCUK YOU...............BONG!!!!

I've Never Been The Type To Let Someone or Something Get Me To The Point Where I Just Black Out And Forget Who I Am, And Go For Blood. In All Of My 22 Years Of Life, The Two Times, (And Yes Only Two Times) In My Life That I've Blacked Out, IT WAS NOT PRETTY, I Don't Like Being Angry, So I Tend Hold Things In And Not Voice My Feelings When I Need To. But Sometime When You Hold Emotions In For YEARS, The Smallest Thing Can Ignite The Flame, A Look, A Word, ANYTHING. I've Learned How To Control My Emotions And Not Let Much Bother Me, And If Some Issue Does Comes Up I Like To Use My Words To Eliminate The Opposition, But Sometimes In Life Using Elegant Words Won't Get Your Point Across. So Today All I Can Say Is.......FCUK YOU!!!! Point Blank Period......IF YOU WANT TO SEE MY DARK SIDE, HARM MY FAMILY, I DARE YOU!!!! I'm Really Not Sure How The Next Couple Of Days Are Gonna Go. There's A VERY BIG Issue Going On Right Now Where My Family Has Been Harmed. I'm In No Way Shape Or Form A Thug, A Ganster, Hood Nigga, etc....But Right Now I'm Out For Blood.....I'm Going Away For The Weekend With My Fiance, Hopefully She Can Calm The Beast In Me Right Now.........IDK, Lord I Need You Right Now........BONG!!!!

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