Friday, July 9, 2010

I WANT A DOG..........BONG!!!!

I Really Need A Dog.  A Lot Of Things Have Been Going Not To Well For Me Lately.  I'm Newly Single, Which Still Hurts A Lot, And I Don't See Me Dating Anyone For A Couple Years. I Still Love Her, But God Know Knows Everything.  And Now I Have No Job.  Got Fired A Lil More Then A Week Ago.  Theres A Lot More Going On Which Will Not Be Said,  So Basically Times Are Hard As Shit Right Now...........So With That Said, I WANT/ NEED A DOG. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I Know Dogs Are Like Children, You Gotta Feed Them, Shelter Them, And Etc..........But I Really Need A Lil Companion, To Keep My Mind Busy.  My Ultimate Dog Is An ENGLISH BULLDOG, The Most Beautifully Ugly Dog Hand Down In My Book, Cause Your Book Doesn't Matter lol.  But Where I Live Has An Under 25 pounds Dog Policy, So I Figured I'd Just Get A FRENCH BULLDOG, But I Realized That I Don't Like French Bulldogs'.  They Just Seem Like A Generic Version Of The Name Brand Original.  SO Now I Don't Know What To Do..........*BIG SIGH*

The GREATEST Dog Of All Time...BONG!!!!

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Chloé Bradshaw said... I know you'll love it ;)