Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I Was Asked What Does Creativity Mean To Me. My Response Was, "Being Creative Is A Spiritual Experience For Me. It's When My Soul Decides To Open Me Up To New Levels And New Dimensions To Express It's Self. The Challenge Is Learning How To Harness It. I Believe We're All Born With A Certain Amount Of Creative Energy. But Only A Select Few Know How To Really Activate It On A Higher Level. You Like To Call Us Artistes'. But I See Us As Vessels.............Let The Creative Energy Flow Out Of You Like A Child Flows Out From It's Mothers Whom. Nurture It Like You Nurture A New Born Babe. Challenge It Like A Child Challenges Their Mother During Pubescent Stage. Set It Free When You've Taught It All You Can & Let The World Begin To Teach It As A Mother Would Let Her Child Go Out On Their Own To Live & Learn. Keep A Watchful Over It So It May Never Stray, A The While, While You Let It Go And Come As It Please. TREAT YOUR CREATIVITY LIKE YOUR CHILD. BIRTH IT, LOVE IT, GROW IT, & SET IT FREE.......I Guess Thats Just The Hippie In Me."

-KING Ambrose Theodore Reid

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