Tuesday, December 14, 2010


SO When I Told My "RIB" I Need Some New Things To Blog About, She Made A great Suggestion. WHat Was Her Suggestion Might You Ask. Well It Was A Fairly Simple, Yet Hella Complicated One. "BLOG ABOUT YOUR ARTISTIC JOURNEY." You Would Think That Me Being An Artiste And All, I Would Naturally Jump At The Idea Of Taking Random People, Who Probably Don't Read The Few Things I Do Type On Here, On This Random Creative, Artistic Minds Journey. Well I Didn't. And I Still Have Reservations About It. (I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO USE THE WORD RESERVATIONS IN THAT CONTEXT.....YAY ME!!!!) Well Anywho, Even Though I'm Little Reluctant To Do So, For Reasons That I'll Get Into On Another Post, I'm Am Going To Roll With Her Again, Simple Yet Complicated Suggestion.......SO HERES "THE CREATIVE PROCESS PART UNO"

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T'arr.a Lu said...

I absolutely love it! Can't wait to see Part Dos!