Sunday, December 26, 2010


So It's DECEMBER 26, 2010, The 24th Year Anniversary Of My Birth. Needless To Say I'm Not Very Excited At All. I Know That I Should Be, Cause I Live In The Hood & I'm Alive To See This Day; I'm Not A Statistic. BUt I Feel Like I've Been Wasting Time WIth My Life. 24 Years Later And I Personally Don't Have Anything To Show For It. I Honestly Feel Like A Failure. (SMH) I Realized Since Nite That I Haven't Done Anything Meaningful WIth My LIfe. I'm A Big Let Down, To Myself, And To A Lot Of People. I Don't Know. I Live At Home With My Mother. I Don't Have A Job. I Can Barely Create Any Type Of Art. I Can't Provide For My Family. WHat Good AM I To Myself Or Anyone Else. I'm A Sad Excuse For A Man.........So With That Said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, FROM ME"

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