Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The KING is Here....THE KING IS HERE!!!!....Actually The HIPPIE's Here But whatever. I haven't been on Here in almost 2 years and some change. I Started a new blog The change was cool. But i had to come back to my roots, so to speak. Im not really sure of the direction im going with this blog. Before it was THE BLACK HUNDRED this, THE BLACK HUNDRED that. THE BLACK HUNDRED is dead and's WVNDRLUXT from now on, Hence the soon to be name Look out for New Art, New Vision, New Love..... Oh but some things haven't changed; Look out for BEAUTIFULLY BLVCK VOL. 8; THE GENESIS SPECIAL. A lot of new things coming up. EPICNESS!!!! So Im Officially Back On My Blogging Ish......oh yeah BONG!!!!!!

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