Sunday, August 19, 2012


When you see her, you see me. When you see me, you see her, WE R US.... I never knew this kind of love existed in this world. I didn't know that God could create a person so perfect. A person so amazing. A person made just for me. Then he did. I wasn't living until I met her. She's my motivation, my Bestfriend, my everything. She's that love that only comes once in a life time, if your lucky. She's my LADY. I thank the lord for her every chance I get. She's the puzzle piece that's been missing in my life, the PERFECT fit, my PERFECT match. GOD put us together for a reason. And HE will always be our center. Thank you father. I love you boo boo. @ 4 months turn into 4 years that turn into 40 years and way beyond....❤🎉04.18.12🎉❤.....Good Morning From US

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